Commodore’s Cup 2023

At noon Saturday, August 12, the weather was not promising, with rain clouds about and no wind on the lake, but an hour later, a breeze filled in from the SE, allowing a course to be set. A dozen sailboats set out as Phil and Deb headed out in the club motor boat to run the race. The wind came and went, moved about, and the rain sputtered a little, but we completed four races, and had a delightful BBQ in the evening.

  1. Sharlene
  2. Dave L
  3. Feavers
  4. Roger R
  5. Patti
  6. Kellys
  7. Tie; Brian W and Garth
  8. Tie; Garcia brothers and Wendy
  9. Ana
  10. Rosemary (her first race!)
Skipper	Time	Corr 	UK position
RACE 1			
B Kelly	21.59	1291	9
Feavers	17.54	1051	3
Ian	20.06	1180	5
B Woods	22.53	1197	8
Sharl	18.07	948	2
Wendy	27.57	1462	10
Anna	30.06	1575	11
Garth	21.50	1191	7
Roger	20.37	1078	4
Dave L	16.20	891	1
Patti	22.37	1183	6
Rosem	34.20	1796	12

RACE 2			
B Kelly	8.59	527	3
Feavers	9.37	565	8
Ian	10.34	620	9
B Woods	10.45	562	7
Sharl	9.03	473	1
Wendy	10.16	537	4
Anna	-3.00	DNF     11
Garth	12.12	665	10
Roger	10.39	557	6
Dave L	9.10	500	2
Patti	10.33	552	5
Rosem	-3.00	DNS

RACE 3			
B Kelly	11.43	688	10
Feavers	9.25	553	3
Ian	10.57	643	7
B Woods	12.04	631	5
Sharl	10.05	527	1
Wendy	12.23	648	8
Anna	16.12	848	11
Garth	11.00	600	4
Roger	12.13	639	6
Dave L	9.50	536	2
Patti	12.57	677	9
Rosem	DNS

RACE 4			
B Kelly	13.36	798	5
Feavers	12.22	726	2
Ian	15.52	932	10
B Woods	17.20	907	8
Sharl	13.52	725	1
Wendy	17.31	916	9
Anna	18.33	970	11
Garth	15.32	847	7
Roger	15.11	794	4
Dave L	14.02	765	3
Patti	15.31	812	6
Rosem	DNS

2023 May long weekend

Weather was nice for the annual club clean-up day. Good turnout resulted in lots of work accomplished. Boats were set up in the yard, the lawn mowed, the buildings cleaned, and the club is ready to go for another season.

Thanks to Deb and Brian for organizing a BBQ lunch for all in attendance.

The board held a meeting at lunch time.

On Sunday, we had a good turn out for training on how to use the club motorboats.

Windy Weekend

Very windy both Saturday and Sunday, but the weather was much drier than forecast. Possibly because of the forecast, not much of a turn out for open house day, and rough conditions for taking people out for a sail, but we managed to give a few people a thrilling sailing experience.

On shore hospitality was awesome, thanks to Debbie and Brian Woods.

Saturday BBQ was also delightful, with a workable combination of wind and mosquitoes! Great chance to visit, good food, and excellent atmosphere.

The keel boat race on Sunday had to be cancelled because winds were gusting over 20 knots.

Hopefully next Friday, Canada Day, weather conditions will allow us to run the first dinghy race.

“Let’s Go Sailing” contest

@SailCanada & @SailManitoba are promoting Let’s Go Sailing day across Canada on Saturday, July 31, 2021.

Take your camera out sailing on Saturday, record your time on the water and take your best photo. Post to Instagram and tag @falconsailingclub for a chance to win a Let’s Sail t-shirt.

Prizes awarded for the longest sail and by draw from all photo entries! For those who don’t use social media, please email your photo and sailing time to by Sunday August 1 by 5pm. We will announce the winners Sunday evening.  #letssailcanada #sail #sailforlife #sailcanada #GoSailing #SailMB

Club Opening 2021

We have had to postpone the opening due to public health rules.  This is our current optimistic date; it may change again.

All hands on deck to open up the club, put the boats out, get them ready,  prepare the grounds, and clean up the club houses.

Depending on pubic health rules, we will try to organize a BBQ lunch for all hard working volunteers.

If the weather is unsuitable on Saturday, we may postpone to Sunday.

Commodore’s Message

Dear FYC Members

Thanks to all who worked hard at our Spring Clean up, Club opening and BBQ lunch.

We have a terrific, inclusive activity schedule with something for all levels of sailing experience. In addition to the usual weekend racing schedule, we have planned 3 keelboat races (everyone should be on the water in a boat), 2 skill development clinics, 2 clinics to learn how to drive the rescue boats, a catamaran cup series, continuation of the ladies’ Learn to Sail along with a weekday ladies racing program, plus the usual BBQ’s and, of course, the Commodore’s Cup and evening BBQ on August 24. Events are posted on the calendar on this website.

Similar to previous years, the MB sailing team will be training periodically at Falcon in the latter part of July. 

Sail Manitoba’s Mobile Sailing School will be at FYC from July 15th to 19st. The youth program will run in the mornings followed by the Ladies LTS Program in the afternoons.

A weekend Intro to Sailing Course for adults and young people will be held July 13 & 14. Be sure to invite your friends and colleagues. Registration and payment can be done directly from our learn to sail page. 

As usual, weather permitting we hope to sail during September with close up on September 28th.

Here is a link to the 2019 Membership Renewal Form. Please return the signed form along with payment to Penny Kelly no later than May 31 (or bring to the club opening day). Information on how to submit your renewal is at the bottom of the form. Please be prompt with your registration.  The late fee will apply to all members who do not get their fees in on time.

Finally, we are a group of volunteers. Our Member Responsibility Policy reflects our desire to ensure a fair distribution of club maintenance and operation responsibilities while recognizing the diverse profile of our membership all the while retaining exceptionally low membership fees. The Policy identifies the numerous activities that allow the club to be sustainable. We encourage all members to seek opportunities to volunteer some of their time towards these activities, including participation on the Board. Al will post a lawn mowing schedule in the club house. Be sure to sign up to take a turn mowing the lawn (or remit a $25 fee).

I wish you all a great and fun sailing season!


Sharlene Telles-Langdon

Falcon Yacht Club