Member Responsibilities

To keep membership costs at an affordable level, the Club has a long history of relying on volunteer labour for all projects as well as ongoing maintenance. It takes considerable time and effort to operate and maintain the Club.

The following shows what is required from the general membership and is by no means exhaustive.  Please do your share to make our club run smoothly.  Be sure to apply any special skills you have. And, if you are uncertain about how or where you can help out, be sure to ask any member of the Board.

Season Opening/Closing

At the beginning and end of the season, a workday (or two) is needed to:

  • Raise or lower the steel docks with wood decking – cranks & poles have to be installed/removed
  • Tidy up the grounds (may require tree trimming and removal of debris to the transfer station)
  • Setting up/taking down the Club sailboats and Rescue boats (all sailboats must be checked for repairs and missing parts – report to the Board member responsible for club sailboat maintenance). Club sailboats are winter stored indoors after being thoroughly drained
  • Start (drain) the water system. At season end, the system must be thoroughly drained, and antifreeze put in the toilets and sink traps to prevent breakage during the winter
  • The upper and lower Club houses should be thoroughly cleaned (floors swept/washed, cupboards and counters washed to eliminate any food crumbs, all garbage and recycling removed and rodent bait placed at season end
  • Upper and Lower area toilets should be swept and thoroughly cleaned.
  • All mowers and boat motors should be appropriately winterized (change engine oil and lower end outboard oil; and put petrol stabilizer in tanks and engines – in the fall) and checked and serviced carefully at season opening. Batteries must be stored in a warm location over the winter months.
  • Club boat sails must be stored dry and properly folded in the storage building. All centerboards, rudders and spars should be checked to ensure they are still in satisfactory condition, properly identified and labeled
  • All garbage and recyclables must be removed from the Club and hauled to the garbage facilities by the Marina or in town.
  • At season end, all buildings must be properly secured (windows closed, doors locked). The chain across the upper club road should be in place, locked and flagged for visibility.

Lawn & Grounds

Members are responsible for trimming/mowing & keeping their boat spots tidy. The lawn area generally needs to be cut once a week. The riding mower, power push mower and gas trimmer are available, and a thorough job will take about 4 hours. The lawn should be cut when members are not around, and not during weekend racing, learn to sail classes or other events on the grounds.

It is anticipated each member will cut the lawn once during the season. The Member’s names will be posted in the lower clubhouse.  Members are asked to place the date that they mow beside their name. In the event of inclement weather, members could try a subsequent day or offer assistance to another member as both the riding and push mower can be operated at same time. The date should be placed by both names.

If not able/available for mowing, the fee specified on the FSC membership form should be remitted to the Treasurer.

The House/Grounds Chair will email the list of potential ‘mowers’ periodically to notify them when the lawn requires mowing. The check off list and email notice are intended to reduce the likelihood of a member showing up to mow when  the job is already done.

Weekend arrival and departure

At the end of a weekend, the Club house(s) should be swept, toilets checked for supplies and swept as needed, counters wiped down, hot water heater in both the lower and upper clubs turned off, garbage removed, windows closed, and all doors (including storage sheds) locked. The chain across the road to the upper club house should be locked at the end of every weekend. Recycling should be taken to the recycling depot regularly. If you see that cleaning and paper supplies are low, please advise the House Chair.

Please help keep the club facilities tidy. Members are asked not to store/leave gear/sails/personal items in the Clubhouse or sail storage building.

Weekend Racing

Each race day, marks need to be set and retrieved. You can learn how to do this by asking the Race Chairman, or other members experienced with the boat and course layout relative to the wind. Marks may need to be inflated prior to setting a course. Marks should be retrieved immediately following the races. Gas for the Club boat can be purchased on account at the Marina as may be needed. (please ensure you sign the invoice). Only those members with a valid Pleasure Craft Operator’s card may operate the rescue boat.

Club Rescue Boats:

Ensure they are properly moored/stored at all times, safe from potential wave and wind damage. Do maintenance during the season, as needed, and operate them carefully to minimize wear, tear and damage. Do not leave them tied up along the dock over night.

Only those members with a valid Pleasure Craft Operator’s card may operate a rescue boat

Even if you have experience operating motorboats, please participate in one of the FSC motorboat training sessions, to learn about the quirks of operating our boats and using boat docks. If you miss those sessions, please ask an experienced member to show you the details of operating the boats.  We are safer if many members know how to run the boats, so they can go help quickly should a motorboat be required to assist when someone is in trouble out on the lake.

Club Sail Boats:

The boats are available for members to use.  Get a demonstration of how to rig any boat you are interested in using and be sure to report any damage or missing parts after you have used the boat. Be sure to put sails away dry and properly folded. All rigging should be put away as it was found.

Report any damage or missing parts to the Board member responsible for sailboat maintenance.

Facilities Repairs and Maintenance:

Occasionally, unscheduled basic repairs may be required. Members may be asked to fix things.

Improvement Projects

Each year, the membership establishes improvement project priorities which may include building, repairs or other significant endeavors which require technical expertise, equipment and manual labour. Members will be asked to contribute expertise and labour to undertake projects in a cost effective timely manner.

Participating on the Executive

At each Annual General Meeting, a group of people are elected for the various positions on the FSC Board– for that list see the Club Board page.

The Club Board is charged with managing the ongoing operations of the Club in accordance with its charter and by-laws. The Board is responsible for the fiscal management of the Club and the preservation of its assets. A range of skills are needed to provide overall good governance. Board members serve a 2 year term and may be re-elected to serve more than 1 term. See the Club Bylaws page for a description of the responsibilities for each position.

Fund Raising Grants

We occasionally have the opportunity to raise funds for eligible projects through grants. Members are needed to take time and effort to apply for the grants, manage the expenditures, and report back.  It is a great help for expensive projects that improve the facilities or programs at the club.