Club opening postponed again

Health orders don’t allow any multi-household activities, even outdoors, so the opening has to be postponed again. If health rules change in time, we will try to schedule club opening for June 12th.

We also have to postpone the start of the racing season until health rules change.

Meanwhile, individual member households can use the club grounds to get their boats ready, go sailing, and it would be a great help if you could do some chores while they are there. Penny has sent out a list of chores that need doing.

Club opening postponed

Unfortunately, the recent public health order means we must postpone getting together to tidy the grounds, clean up the club houses, and open the Club. Originally scheduled for May 15 we anticipate the new date will be June 5, subject to the health orders that are in effect.

We do not believe there is an issue with any member going to the Club to prepare their boat for the season. In fact, if you can pitch in and knock off a few chores, opening the Club will be that much easier. The water should be on by next weekend. When at the Club if there is anyone else on the grounds other than a family member please maintain social distancing and wear a mask.

And please get your membership renewal in by May 15.