Our racing program can start!

As of Saturday, we can hold club races with up to 25 people, so we will start our racing season with the keelboat race on Saturday, which other boats can join as well, and the first dinghy race of the club series on Sunday. Please be ready to sail by 1 pm both days.

Here are the key elements of the updated health regulations as they affect the club:

  • Club Races can happen up to 25 people
  • Outdoor gatherings up to 25 people
  • NO PUBLIC INDOOR Gatherings
  • CANSail Programs/Day Camps open to up to 20 participants per group. 
  • Limited number of people in the Club House at once.

Next Weekend

This past weekend, a number of members did a fantastic job of moving the club sailboats out and cleaning both the lower and upper clubhouses. Most of the opening day chores have now been completed by small groups of individuals on different weekends. Thank you to all who participated.

We can’t start racing until we get authorization from Manitoba Sailing, who are in turn waiting for approval from provincial health authorities. But members can sail all they want at the club.

We can’t hold the scheduled keelboat races this coming Saturday June 19th, but let’s get as many boats out as possible (keel boats, dinghies or cats) to “Sail around the islands” Saturday afternoon starting at 1 p.m.. A proposed course will be outlined on the blackboard. We must all comply with the rule of no more than five people from no more than three households in a boat.

Club opening postponed again

Health orders don’t allow any multi-household activities, even outdoors, so the opening has to be postponed again. If health rules change in time, we will try to schedule club opening for June 12th.

We also have to postpone the start of the racing season until health rules change.

Meanwhile, individual member households can use the club grounds to get their boats ready, go sailing, and it would be a great help if you could do some chores while they are there. Penny has sent out a list of chores that need doing.

Club opening postponed

Unfortunately, the recent public health order means we must postpone getting together to tidy the grounds, clean up the club houses, and open the Club. Originally scheduled for May 15 we anticipate the new date will be June 5, subject to the health orders that are in effect.

We do not believe there is an issue with any member going to the Club to prepare their boat for the season. In fact, if you can pitch in and knock off a few chores, opening the Club will be that much easier. The water should be on by next weekend. When at the Club if there is anyone else on the grounds other than a family member please maintain social distancing and wear a mask.

And please get your membership renewal in by May 15.

New name for the club

We have decided to change our operating name to Falcon Sailing Club, effective immediately.
We are also considering selecting a new logo. If you have any suggestions, please send them to Penny and Sharlene before the end of March.
We will gradually transition the website to the new name.

Racing News Mailing list clean-up

I just did a clean-up of the list of email addresses notified when a new post is up on the website; there were a bunch of people who signed up who have no apparent connection to the club, so I deleted them. Hopefully, I did not delete any people who are connected with the club.

If you hear of someone who is not getting the race results postings, please ask them to re-subscribe.


2020 Races Can Begin this Weekend with a Revised Notice of Race

MSA has sanctioned our race program for 2020, so we can start racing this weekend.

We have been advised to adjust the wording of our Notice of Race in order to comply with provincial health regulations as they stand now. Therefore:

Starting immediately, and continuing until further notice, all FYC Notices of Race are amended to include the following:

All racers, volunteers and race management people must;

  • Pass the COVID-19 self-assessment test before coming to the club each day. https://sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/screening-tool/  Anyone with COVID19 symptoms must not come to the club.
  • Ensure that the number of people congregating is less than 50.
  • Travel with individuals within their own household and jurisdiction.
  • Maintain social distancing (2 metres/6 feet). Avoid all physical contact.
  • Maintain good handwashing and respiratory hygiene
  • Minimize the number of people in the dock/launching/rigging/parking areas.
  • Not invite visitors/guests to the facilities.
  • Nothing to be shared.  Everything must be provided by the individual. Avoid sharing tools or equipment. If shared disinfect affected tools after use.
  • Avoid the common courtesy of helping others with their lines or accepting help unless there is an immediate need to avoid injury or damage. Wash hands or use sanitizer after handling someone else’s boat or lines.
  • Responding to an incident on or off the water (sailor in the water/other injury) may cause the responsible person to come in physical contact with the sailor. As such participants should always have gloves, masks and hand sanitizer available to protect themselves, and sailors, should contact become necessary.
  • When required, wear gloves that can be washed after use or put aside for several days – do not put gloves in your pocket – virus can live on surfaces up to 7 days – wash hands after taking off the gloves.
  • Safety Boat and Committee Boat should be sanitized after every use;

These amendments to the rules replace the ones we published last week, and may change again quite quickly, based on advice MSA gets from public health.  Watch our website for changes.