Optimist Provincial Regatta July 30th

We had perfect weather for the Opti regatta. Sailors were a mix of experienced racers and fresh graduates from learn to sail.

Opti Provincial results:

Overall winner and 15U winner – Gavin Garabed; 13U winner – Alexa Pitz; and 10U winner – Jace Garabed.

Thanks to Sail Manitoba and Paul Krestanowich for their help in running the regatta.

July 17th Races

Thanks to Brian Kelly for calculating the results

Skipper	Time	UK Corr time	UK position
RACE 1			
Dave L	11.23	595	1
B Kelly	11.32	677	2
Patti	13.04	684	3
B Woods	15.59	836	4
Gwen	21.14	1111	5
RACE 2			
Dave L	13.06	685	1
B Kelly	13.07	770	2
Patti	15.07	791	3
B Woods	15.59	836	4
Gwen	16.24	858	5
Cindy	18.22	912	6
RACE 3			
Dave L	12.51	672	1
B Kelly	13.50	812	2
Patti	15.46	825	4
B Woods	15.49	827	5
Gwen	18.36	973	6
Cindy	16.36	825	3

July 9th Races

Proper south winds for the Saturday races, even fairly steady in direction!

Skipper	Time	UK Corr time	UK position
RACE 1			
B Kelly	11.31	676	2
Wendy	12.34	657	1
B Woods	13.16	694	3
Stephan	13.42	717	4

RACE 2			
B Kelly	12.18	722	2
B Woods	13.29	705	1
Wendy	14.34	762	3

RACE 3			
B Kelly	12.00	705	3
Wendy	12.19	644	1
B Woods	12.43	665	2
Stephan	16.19	854	4

2022 July Long Weekend

We were finally able to start the dinghy racing series, with sunny but cool weather and cold water. Light, shifty, and finally no breezes on Saturday, better wind on Sunday. Good to be out there again!

Thanks to Brian for running the races on Sunday.

July 2	time  Cor time	position
RACE 1			
B Kelly	20.04	1178	2
Wendy	20.39	1080	1
B Woods	23.28	1228	3
Phil	23.29	1387	4
RACE 2			
Phil	32.00	1890	3
B Kelly	33.07	1944	4
Wendy	34.30	1805	1
B Woods	34.50	1822	2
RACE 3			
B Kelly	31.45	1864	1
Phil	34.12	2020	4
Wendy	36.20	1901	2
B Woods	36.50	1927	3
July 3   RACE 1			
B Kelly	17.40	1037	2
Phil	18.24	1088	4
Wendy	19.42	1031	1
Patti	20.23	1066	3
RACE 2			
B Kelly	21.52	1284	2
Phil	21.47	1288	3
Wendy	22.52	1196	1
Patti	24.54	1303	4
Guest 1	26.39	1394	6
Guest 2	26.38	1393	5
RACE 3			
B Kelly	11.56	701	3
Phil	12.37	746	5
Wendy	12.28	652	2
Patti	12.24	649	1
Guest 1	14.31	759	6
Guest 2	13.52	725	4

Windy Weekend

Very windy both Saturday and Sunday, but the weather was much drier than forecast. Possibly because of the forecast, not much of a turn out for open house day, and rough conditions for taking people out for a sail, but we managed to give a few people a thrilling sailing experience.

On shore hospitality was awesome, thanks to Debbie and Brian Woods.

Saturday BBQ was also delightful, with a workable combination of wind and mosquitoes! Great chance to visit, good food, and excellent atmosphere.

The keel boat race on Sunday had to be cancelled because winds were gusting over 20 knots.

Hopefully next Friday, Canada Day, weather conditions will allow us to run the first dinghy race.

June 18 & 19 Weekend

Well, there was wind. Lots of it. Too cold on Saturday, but Sunday’s warm south winds gusting to 20 knots and over 30 degrees attracted a few sailors; Garth, Stefan, Evan and a friend of his. No racing, but exciting sailing. Never too hot to go sailing!

Club Clean-up and Board Meeting

The weather was cool but dry so a good turnout of members got the opening chores done in good time, enjoyed a BBQ lunch, and the board decided on a number of issues, including:

  • The club has bought another Laser in good condition, and will have repair work done on the orange laser, so there should be four good lasers available for club members to sail, and sufficient radial and full rigs.
  • We will start a search for a better “big” safety/committee boat immediately. We will look for a relatively small, used pontoon boat with a good motor, and sell the motorboat with the 70hp Mercury. We expect that a pontoon boat will make it easier to rescue people out of the water, offer more room for transporting and setting marks, and provide a stable platform for a race committee. If we find a suitable boat, we will need a special meeting of members a for quick approval of an expenditure expected to be approximately $10,000. If any member objects to this plan, please contact a board member right away.
  • As more members opt out of cutting the grass, this puts more pressure on the few who volunteer to do the cutting, so we need to make the cutting job faster an easier. Therefore, we will:
    • Let the sloping portion of the hill grow wild. It is the hardest and most dangerous area to mow. Maureen and Debbie will look for wild flowers in the park to add to the grass in that area.
    • Move the boats closer together on the top of the hill so that the remaining area is easily mowed with the tractor.
    • Rearrange boat parking on the entire lower level so that it is easy to mow around members’ boats, and it is easy move club boats to mow under them.
    • Move boats that are not being used out of the main boat parking into a storage area.
    • Require members to mow around their own boats more rigorously.
  • The keel boat championship racing instructions were approved by the board and are now posted on the website under Racing. In summary; keel boat racing days will be listed in the web calendar, there will be up to four races on such days, at least three keel boats starting will constitute a race.

Email notifications of FSC website posts

Hi all

Spring cleaning time on the website.

For some reason, people with no connection to our club were subscribing to receive our notification emails. Over the past year, our subscriber list for the posts on the website got up to 320 email addresses. I don’t know why.

Today, I deleted all the existing subscribers, and replaced that list with Penny’s list of all club members. That brought us down to 49 emails addresses.

In this process, I may have unintentionally cut off family members or friends who want to get the updates on club races and activities. If so, please have them email me at infoATfalconsailingclub.ca to be put back on the list.

Likewise, if you are on the list and no longer want to be on the list, please let me know.


Charles (Webmaster)