June 27 & 28 Weekend

It looks like the weather this weekend will be great for starting club racing; Warm with winds from the West on Saturday, and from the South on Sunday.

We will hold our first keelboat races of the year on Saturday, starting at one pm, hopefully running 3 short races. We  can’t follow the “participation” approach of previous years, where we invited lots of people onto the boats. This time the people on each boat must be  from the same household, or people who are regularly in contact, or a minimum number of people who are willing to be in contact for this event. It looks like we will have five boats on the starting line. Anyone who wants to sail a dinghy in the same race is welcome, but it will just be practice race for them, and they should stay out of the way of the keel boats when they are racing. That means a dinghy can still start at the same time, but it has to avoid getting in the way of the starting keel boats.

On Sunday, it should be a couple of degrees warmer, so a great occasion to race dinghies. We will try to run up to 5 races after 1 pm, as usual.

The following weekends, we will have dinghy races in the afternoons, weather permitting, except on the three days reserved for keel boat racing.