Club Bylaws

1.0         Name

The organization was incorporated on December 21, 1965 as a not-for-profit corporation with the name Falcon Yacht Club.

2.0         Definitions

  • Commodore, and variations:
    • Past Commodore = Past Chair Person of the Board of Directors
    • Commodore = Chair Person of the Board of Directors
    • Vice Commodore = Vice Chair Person of the Board of Directors
  • Member in Good Standing = a member that has paid their appropriate membership fees for the year.

3.0         Objectives

The objects of the Club shall be to encourage sailing, sailing races among Members, and to provide harbour, docking, launching, hauling out and off-season storage facilities for its Members. These facilities shall be designed primarily for sailboats.

4.0         Members

The Club membership shall consist of Full Members (Members), Associate Members (Associates) and Honorary Members:

Members may join as individuals or as part of a family by paying the relevant fees. The membership fees will be established by the Board of Directors/Officers as they see fit.

Any member of a prior year that has not paid the current year’s fees for their category of membership (except Honorary Members that do not need to pay fees) cannot continue to store a boat. They must remove their boat within 3 months of the time when their membership fees become past due.

Individual Full Members must be over 16 years of age. They are entitled to vote at Club meetings and may avail themselves of all Club activities and facilities.

Family Full Members include the parent(s) and all those of their children who are full time students. Such individuals and family groups are each entitled to a combined total of one vote at Club meetings. They may avail themselves of all the Club activities and facilities.

Associate Members may join as individuals or as part of a family by paying the relevant fees. Individual Associates must be over 16 years of age. Family Associates include the parent(s) and all those of their children who are full time students. They may avail themselves of all the Club activities, facilities and rights (including voting); except they may not helm/skip a sailboat, or store a sailboat at the Club. Either of these would require them to be Full Members.  

Honorary Members are elected to this status by a vote of the members at an Annual General Meeting, based on the Board of Directors’ recommendation. They have the same rights as Full Members, while being exempt of membership fees.

5.0         Board of Directors

5.1           Responsibilities

The Board of Directors is responsible for:

  • Governing and conducting the Falcon Yacht Club’s affairs
  • Establishing the strategic plan and operating policies of the FYC
  • Motivating members to be active participants in the FYC activities
  • Conducting much of the FYC operational activities; while ensuring there are members who have volunteered to manage all the tasks required to successfully operate the Club in the long run, and
  • Strategically ensuring the FYC is successful through active recruitment and retention of new members

5.2           Composition

The Board of Directors of the Club shall consist of up to ten Officers each elected for a two year term:

  • Past Chair Person (Past-Commodore) (ex-officio)
  • Chair Person (Commodore)
  • Vice Chair Person (Vice-Commodore)
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Harbour Master & Grounds Officer
  • Race Officer
  • Learn-to-Sail Officer
  • House & Social Officer
  • Membership Development Leader 
  • Web Master and Communications Officer

The Board has the power to appoint members in good standing to fill vacancies in its ranks for the balance of the replaced Officer’s term if an Officer resigns.

The Board has the power to appoint members in good standing to fill vacancies if less than a full slate of Officers is elected at an AGM.

The Board shall manage and control the finances, property, harbour, assets, image and affairs of the Club and make rules for the governance of the membership. It may appoint sub-committees and their chairs as it sees fit.

Each Officer shall produce a written Annual Report for distribution by the Secretary to all members prior to the Annual General Meeting.

The Board shall meet as it deems necessary; however it shall meet a minimum of 3 times per year, with at least one meeting being in the first 3 months (January, February or March) at which a plan of communication, promotional and other activities will be presented by the appropriate officers and agreed to by the Board; including written confirmation for the Minutes of who, will do what, by when.

The quorum of each Board meeting shall be the Commodore and three other Officers.

The Board is authorized to draft and enforce such rules for the proper conduct of the Club as it shall deem expedient. They shall be published at least annually in the Members’ Handbook and shall be circulated to members and posted ASAP on a bulletin board in the clubhouse.

5.3           Director Removal

A director/officer may be removed by a vote of the Board of Directors if that director/officer:

  • Is not in attendance, without prior approval from the Commodore, at more than 3 consecutive Board meetings.
  • Is hindering the effective and friendly operation of the Club.


6.1           Past Commodore shall:

  • Provide advice and assistance where needed, at the request of the Commodore
  • Chair the Nominating Committee

6.2           Commodore shall:

  • Plan the agenda for and Chair all Board meetings (unless not available, in which case the Vice-Commodore will chair)
  • Monitor that the performance of each Officer in fulfilling their duties is sufficient for the FYC to be successful; and where there are concerns, offer assistance and guidance to that Officer
  • Be the primary representative of the FYC
  • Chair all the Annual and Special General Meetings and enforce the Club rules and regulations
  • Be ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nomination Committee
  • Be the custodian of all deeds and other material documents, all of which shall be stowed in the “Captain’s Kitty” and handed over to the successor in office, along with an inventory thereof embodied in the Minute Book (held by the Secretary Treasurer)
  • Prepare a brief written report for distribution to all members in advance of the AGM and for presentation at the AGM

6.3           Vice-Commodore shall:

  • Chair Board meetings if the Commodore is unable to do so
  • Be the contact person for the bingo information and dates for the bingos allocated by Sail Manitoba (or ensure there is a contact person)
  • Arrange member participation in the allotted bingos to ensure FYC optimizes bingo revenues
  • Assist the Commodore in every respect
  • Be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee
  • In the event of the resignation or illness of the Commodore, the Vice-Commodore will assume those duties for the balance of the term
  • Prepare a brief written report for distribution to all members in advance of the AGM and for presentation at the AGM

6.4           Secretary-Treasurer shall:

  • Advise the Commodore on appropriate items to include on the Agenda for Board meetings and assist the Commodore in monitoring that the performance of each Office is sufficient for the FYC to be successful
  • As part of the preparation of the Agenda for the first Board meeting each calendar year, assist the Commodore by preparing a detailed calendar of all dates and related activities that need to be completed by each Officer, to have a successful communications and promotional program. This does not include one-time activities decided upon by the Board, but rather those which are typically conducted every year. E.g. Learn to Sail article for papers/magazines. E.g. Open House events, etc.
  • Process all membership applications and keep a record of all members
  • Keep minutes of all FYC meetings
  • Maintain the insurance in effect for the types of insurance which the Board of Directors has approved
  • Keep every member current on the Club rules
  • Circulate to all  members, and post on the Club bulletin board, the latest version of the Member Responsibility Policy document
  • Issue notices of Meetings
  • Conduct the Club correspondence
  • Keep all Club records on file
  • Act as Secretary of the Board, preparing and circulating minutes to all directors within 2 weeks after a Board Meeting
  • Look after all financial accounts
  • Keep current and formal records of all accounting
  • Present at General Meetings a current financial statement and related reports of the financial affairs of the Club, including a full account showing all receipts and disbursements and a Financial Statement showing the condition of the Club at the end of its financial year
  • Ensure the funds of the Club are kept in a financial institution and are withdrawn or paid out only on the signatures of the Officers authorized by the Board. All payments must be made by cheque
  • Prepare a brief written report for distribution to all members in advance of the AGM and for presentation at the AGM

6.5           Harbour Master & Grounds Officer shall:

  • The objective of this Officer position is not to do all the work; but to ensure members (including newer members) participate and assist
  •  Plan and coordinate the maintenance and repair of the grounds, beach, harbour, and docks; as well as the equipment including mowers, weed whackers, FYC owned outboard motor(s), and club boats
  • Arrange for the safe and efficient berthing and storage of all members’ boats and Club sail boats and equipment
  • Ensure that the Secretary continues to maintain the “first-come first-served” list of keel boats that are waiting for a spot on the creek, if any
  • Prepare a list of work that needs to be completed by the members at the Spring Clean Up weekend and at the Fall Close Up weekend; as well as ensuring the Secretary circulates that to all members well in advance so they can schedule attendance
  • Post the signup sheet for people to register to take their turn to mow the grass (as per the Member Responsibility document); and ensure the Secretary sends an explanation and request for signup to all members by mid-May each year
  • Prepare a brief written report for distribution to all members in advance of the AGM and for presentation at the AGM

6.6           Race Officer shall:

  • Draw up the racing schedule and notify all members
  • Oversee the operation of all races and regattas; or assign a designate to do so for each day
  • Provide the race management personnel and equipment for all regattas, and to the extent possible find volunteers to officiate and time regular races
  • Ensure the maintenance of all race management equipment, including race committee boat, marks, tackle, visual and sound signal equipment, and ensure Club awards and trophies are kept current and stored at the Club.
  • Arrange for all FYC races/events to be sanctioned by Sail Manitoba (formerly MB Sailing Assoc.) so that the Sail Manitoba insurance coverage is in effect
  • Prepare a brief written report for distribution to all members in advance of the AGM and for presentation at the AGM

6.7           Learn-to-Sail Officer shall:

  • Plan and negotiate with Sail Manitoba for the boats and instructors needed to carry out the Learn-to-Sail (LTS) Program of the Club
  • Ensure adequate publicity and marketing of the LTS program; including but not limited to:
    • In the Whiteshell Echo (two publications prior to the LTS dates)
    • PR sheets with pictures in West Hawk Lake and Falcon Lake at businesses, bulletin boards, and other appropriate locations; potentially also at Fort Whyte
    • Article in publications such as the Wpg. Sun, &/or Free Press; publications such as the Sou-Wester; other municipal and regional publications;
    • On the Club website
    • Several notices about LTS to all Club members
    • Other promotional activity
  • Organize the on-site activities with the MSA instructors, participants, and ensure all FYC boats are prepared well in advance, as needed  
  • Supervise the operation of all LTS schools
  • Account for all moneys expended in regard to the Program to the Secretary-Treasurer
  • Prepare a brief written report for distribution to all members in advance of the AGM and for presentation at the AGM

6.8           House & Social Officer shall:

  • The objective of this Officer position is not to do all the work; but to ensure members (including newer members) participate and assist
  • Arrange for the good housekeeping of the Club premises
  • Ensure appropriate beverages (& other items) are kept stocked in the FYC fridges
  • Organize and manage the social events of the Club by having many members participate in preparations, cooking, clean-up or other work related to each event
  • Ensure adequate publicity for each event, especially to newer members, by preparing the appropriate information and having the Club secretary distribute it to the membership
  • Account to the Secretary-Treasurer for all moneys expended in regard to Club social events and Club canteen
  • Prepare a brief written report for distribution to all members in advance of the AGM and for presentation at the AGM

6.9           Membership Development Leader shall:

  • Recruit FYC members and non-members to a Member Recruitment committee, including a variety of demographics and perspectives among the members of the committee
  • Develop strategic plans for increasing the membership of the FYC and bring them forward for approval by the Board
  • Develop action plans
  • Ensure the preparation of timely articles for inclusion in the Porthole, Whiteshell Echo and other suitable publications to promote the Club and particularly the Learn to Sail Program.
  • Prepare a brief written report for distribution to all members in advance of the AGM and for presentation at the AGM 

6.10       Web Master and Communications Officer shall:

  • Develop and maintain the FYC website to successfully inform members and cause them to participate in FYC activities
  • Provide information and material on the website to encourage non-members to become members
  • Prepare a brief written report for distribution to all members in advance of the AGM and for presentation at the AGM

7.0          MEETINGS

1.    The conduct of all Meetings shall be governed, so far as applicable, by the rules of Parliamentary Procedure.

2.    All Annual General Meetings of the Club shall be called by a written notice addressed to all members and post-marked at least twenty-one (21) days before the meeting; or by other electronic means with a similar electronic stamp on the sender’s confirmation.

3.    At all Annual General Meetings, each Member in good standing shall have one vote. Any such member who is unable to attend the meeting may delegate as proxy, in writing, either the Secretary-Treasurer or another Director. The Commodore, as presiding officer, shall not vote, except, to break a tie.

4.    The quorum at any Annual General Meeting shall not be less than twenty per cent (20%) of all Members entitled to vote.

5.    The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held each Fall to:

  • Receive the Minutes of the last AGM and Special General Meeting if held
  • Receive the written Reports of each Officer
  • Receive the Financial Statement to-date of the current year activities
  • Receive the report of last year’s auditors
  • Appoint auditors for the coming year
  • Elect the Officers of the Club
  • Review and approve if so decided any changes to the Bylaws, and
  • Transact such other business as may properly come before it.

6.    Special General Meetings of the Club may be called at the discretion of the Commodore, or the Board, or upon the written request of ten Members sent in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer. The business to be transacted thereat shall be clearly stated in both the requisition and the notice of meeting. No business shall be transacted except that stated in the notice. The quorum and voting rules of the Annual General Meeting shall apply at the Special General Meeting.

7.    Meetings of the Board of Directors shall have a minimum notice period of one week (electronic notice is satisfactory); with a quorum of the Commodore and three other officers. A majority vote, with the Commodore not voting unless to break a tie, shall apply. Proxy votes sent to the Secretary-Treasurer more than 24 hours in advance of a meeting are authorized.

8.0         FINANCE and AUDITORS

1.   The Club year and financial year shall be the calendar year.

2.   All Club dues/fees and charges are payable by members before May 31 of the current year. Members paying late (i.e. after May 31) may be charged a late fee as specified by the Board. Membership fees shall be established by the Board of Directors as they see fit.

3.   Any matter involving:

        –      The disbursement of over two thousand dollars ($2,000) or sale of any Club asset valued at $2000 or more,

        –      The raising of funds by direct assessment of Full Members and Associate Members for an extraordinary project, or

        –      The general financial policy of the Club,

shall, after approval by the Board, be brought for consideration and final approval of an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting of the Club.

4.    At least one, and preferably two members of the Club, not on the Board, shall be appointed by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting as auditors to examine the Secretary-Treasurer’s accounts.


1.    The election of the FYC Directors/Officers shall take place by secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting.

2.    Only Members in good standing shall be eligible to nominate for, or accept nomination to, any elected position on the Board of the Club.

4.    The Board, upon the reminder Notice of the Secretary-Treasurer shall, in July of each year, appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of the Past-Commodore as Chair, and two other Members, whose duty it shall be to select and nominate candidates for election at the next Annual General Meeting.

5.    Members of the Board, as well as members of the Nominating Committee, shall be available to Members who may wish to make suggestions or to ask advice regarding nominations. Notice of the nominations proposed by the Nominating Committee shall be given to the Secretary-Treasurer, in writing in sufficient time that these nominations shall be notified to the membership with the notice of the Annual General Meeting in advance as specified in Article 7.2.

6.    All nominations (other than by the Nominating Committee) must be made in writing, signed by the nominators and accompanied by the written consent of the nominee to serve if elected.

7.    Any group of five Members may nominate one candidate for each of any office. All such nominations must be filed in writing (as specified in the bullet above) with the Secretary-Treasurer no later than the beginning of the Annual General Meeting.

8.    If, for any reason, following the closing of nominations and prior to the election there is no valid nomination for any officer’s position, the Board may, by formal resolution, nominate a member, or members, to stand for election, in addition to any nominations presented by the Nominating Committee. In such cases, notices of any such nomination shall be read to the members at the Annual General Meeting immediately prior to the election of Directors/Officers.

9.    The Directors/Officers so elected shall take office on the first day of January of the next year.


These By-Laws, or any portion of them, may only be amended, added to, or repealed by a vote of two-thirds of the Members present, and entitled to vote, at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting of the FYC Members. The text of any proposed change shall be circulated with the notice calling the meeting.

11.0     Indemnification of Board of Directors/Officers

FYC shall indemnify each Director/Officer for the defense of civil actions or proceedings related to their activities undertaken in their role as a Director/Officer of the FYC; other than intentional illegal acts.

2016-10-13, Version 7