Keel Boat Policy


The following words have the meanings noted below:

  • Dock – a spot and material attached to land where a boat can be tied
  • Mooring – a spot with a mooring line attached to the bottom of the lake where a boat can swing into the wind while being tied to the mooring line

 Creek Docking Long Term Policy:

  1. There can be up to 5 boats with docks on the creek, as may be decided by the Harbour Master
  2. The location for each boat to be decided by the Harbour Master, based on a number of considerations, including (but not limited to):
    • Those with a spot get it again next season
    • Keel depth – the furthest out docking spot is very shallow
    • Boat’s and skipper’s handling abilities (some boats turn sharper than others, potentially making a spot that is relatively easy for one, very difficult for others)
    • Other relevant factors as decided by the Harbour Master to optimize the benefits for all the spots/boats
  3. The Waiting List to be formally maintained by the Secretary Treasurer, showing the order of application for a dock spot on the creek and the date when they went on the list. To be eligible to be entered on the Waiting List a person must already be a member and must already own the keel boat they wish to dock on the creek. Potential members and potential buyers of a boat are not eligible to go on the list.
  4. Safety and Environmental Issues:  All members with creek docking spots must sign each year acknowledging they agree that:
    • Their docks will be in place during the sailing season and maintained in a safe and functional condition
    • Lines to shore will be sufficient, and shore attachments will be sufficiently sturdy, to secure their boat in severe weather and other stressful conditions
    • All environmental and water related regulations will be complied with, ensuring no prohibited material gets in the creek or lake water
    • They have examined the electricity lines above the creek and against the road (Hwy 301), and confirm they accept any liability for damages that they may cause to themselves or their boat if they should contact those electrical lines
    • They have examined the rocks on the sides of the creek near the road, the boat traffic, the marina docks and other hazards and confirm they accept all liability for any of these risks
    • Liability Insurance They are aware they are liable for any injury or damage caused by themselves or their boat and have taken appropriate steps to ensure they have purchased insurance coverage or are adequately self-insured and can pay large liability claims if they should arise

Members have the option of trailer sailing their keel boat from the Club grounds, either on an ongoing basis, or as they wait for a docking space to open up.

 To accommodate the Harbour Master in allocating on water creek spots to keel boat members as efficiently as possible, the docks must be moveable if necessary, even if it involves removing, or replacing stakes/posts in the ground.

Members who do not or cannot use their spot for a season or part of a season must offer up their creek spot for temporary use by someone on the Waiting List.; If  the member does not voluntarily offer it for use by a member on the Waiting List, the Board should consider whether the member on the creek is sufficiently active to retain their spot.

To begin the process of addressing this question, the subject member should be asked, jointly by the Commodore and Harbour Master on behalf of the Board, to identify why they should keep their docking spot on the creek, given the presence of a Waiting List.

The following (but not limited to) criteria should be considered (note: all are expected to be “in good standing”)

  1. Number of times they have sailed the boat
  2. Volunteer work on things like: mowing the grass, clean-up days, construction, and other projects
  3. Other activities that contribute to the FYC being successful and sustainable

    There will be differing fees for 1.0) dinghy, 2.0) keel boats on trailer and 3.0) keel boats on the water as established by the Board.
    1. Members who give up use of a docking spot on the creek for one season will be able to ‘bump’ a boat already on the creek, to regain a spot on the creek for the subsequent season (location to be suitable for their boat, but subject to the decision of the Harbour Master)
    2. Members who do not use the docking spot for a second year (total of 2 years) will lose the right to get a spot by bumping an existing boat on the creek, but they can go on the Waiting List at the end the list.
    3. When a member has given up their spot for others to temporarily use for a full season, they will not have to pay the full ‘on-water keel boat’ fee. However, they will pay the trailerable keel boat fee. The member that is using the spot on the creek will be paying the on-water fee.