Handicaps update

At our 2018 AGM, we decided to change to the UK handicap system, because it offered some ratings which better reflect the performance expected from experienced sailors than the US system.

I have found the newest UK Portsmouth numbers, which have increased the handicap 5 points for Tasars (also MScow), one point for Laser, three for Laser Radial, and all our other active classes no change. Note; an increased handicap means less of a penalty. I will apply these handicaps to all races this year.

June Keel Boat Race

A gentle breeze greeted the three keelboats that made it out to the start line.

Phil joined the race in his scow, but unfortunately we don’t have a handicap system that covers both the scow and the keelboats, so Phil enjoyed a practice race!

SkipperTimeCorr. TimePoints
Marcello & Penny
Ian in his new boat

Club Motorboat training

Please plan to attend one of the two briefing sessions on how to manage our motorboats.

Both motors and docking systems are a bit fussy, but if you know their quirks, they work quite well. If we all treat these boats right, they will keep running. Uninformed mistakes cost us a lot of time and money in additional boat maintenance.

The dates have changed for these sessions they are now:

Sunday June 23 at 11 am and Sunday July 14 at 11 am.

FYC Hosting Big Regatta in July

Mark your calendars!  On July 20 and 21, 2019, the Falcon Yacht Club is hosting the District 4 Laser Championships/Summer of Sailing Regatta.  This will be our biggest racing weekend of the season and a great reason for a Saturday evening BBQ.  Club members are encouraged to race or volunteer for the weekend.

Laser International divides North American into 25 Districts (6 in Canada).  District 4 includes Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario (including Thunder Bay).  For the “seasoned” Masters sailors in our club who are feeling extra adventurous this year, the District 4 Championships will be an excellent warm-up for the Laser Masters Canadian Championships, which the RLWYC is hosting this year in August.

Online registration for the District 4 Championships is now online at: Sailcanada.checklick/Manitoba

For the District 4’s, only those with an International Laser Class Association (ILCA) membership will be scored in the District 4 Championships. (An ILCA membership is also required for the Masters and is available online at: www.laser.org).

For sailors born between 2003 and 2010, the District 4’s/Summer of Sailing Regatta is also the qualifiers for the South Region for the 2020 Manitoba Games.  If you know a sailor who might be interested, please visit the Sail Manitoba 2020 Manitoba Games site at: sailmanitoba.com/2020-manitoba-games.

We are also looking for a few more volunteers.  If you are not planning to race, but would still like to be a part of the event, many hands make for light work!  If you are interested in volunteering, please email Charles (on the water) or Liz (on land).

Extra clean-up

Many thanks to those who came out Sunday. All the old junk, including the very large, heavy sign are gone. The grounds look great! The grass is growing; please sign up in the lower clubhouse to take your turn mowing.

Both crash boats are in the water & running. Unfortunately we had a lot of gas left in the tanks at the end of last season. We added storage fluid in the fall, and carburetor cleaner this spring. Even though the motors might hesitate to start, and run a bit rough, we want to burn up this old gas to the bottom of the tanks before we buy new gas so that we have fresh gas with the right mix for the rest of the summer.

Time for some nice weather to get out on the water to sail!

Notifications of new posts

To keep everyone up to date, we have set up a system which will send members an email whenever we post new information on the website.

You can unsubscribe from the emails if you don’t want them, and if you want them but are not receiving them, you can sign up on the right side of the front page of the site.

Let us know what you think of this system at info@falconyachtclub.ca

New BYOB Policy

Effective immediately, the club will not stock beer or coolers in the lower club house fridges, because our insurance policy will not provide coverage for any accidents/claims attributable to the Club’s sale of alcohol.

We will move all the pop into one fridge, creating room in the other fridges for members to store their drinks and perishable food. To avoid confusion, please store your drinks in a small box or bag with your name clearly marked on it. Please manage what you store in the fridges to ensure that there is enough room for everyone.

Racing 2019

The club 2018 AGM decided to adopt UK handicaps for dinghies to adjust finish times in 2019. I have posted the handicaps we will be using in 2019 on the Racing Handicaps page. Tasar and Laser full rig sailors will have to work harder this year!

Dave beating upwind
Dave beating upwind