2021 Racing Schedule

Our schedule for racing this summer, subject to weather & public health regulations, is:

  • Club Championship series; dinghy racing every weekend day and statutory holiday from May 29th to September 19th, except on days when we have a keelboat race scheduled
  • Keel boat racing days; June 19, July 31, September 11th, and September 18th.
  • Commodore’s Cup on August 14th (it is included in the Club Championship series)

The Racing Instructions for the Club Championship are posted here.

  • Here are some important points from the racing instructions:
    • The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race each day is 1300.
    • The race officer on duty may run up to five races in a day.
    • At least three boats must start in a race for that race to be counted towards the Championship.
    •  15 races will be required to be completed to constitute a series. A boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores, excluding her 16th best score and all those below it. [So, you really want to complete 15 races during the summer]

We are intending to start a women’s sailing league this summer.  I will post the schedule and the racing instructions for the women’s league race series when the plans for those races are developed.