Summer of Sailing Regatta

Lasers at the start line

25 Boats on the water for the weekend regatta, which included 17 Lasers, 4 Optimists and 4 dual-handed boats.

The weather was extremely variable, with the wind blowing, or not blowing, various strengths from various directions. It meant lots of adjusting by the race committee, and lots of waiting for the sailors, but sailors had a good time; and those who stayed out for all the races sailed between four and seven races each.


RankClassHelm Name
1stLASER RADIALMareike Bordasch
2ndLASERKayden Polachek
3rdLASER RADIALLauren Burns
4thLASER RADIALJonah Friesen
5thLASER RADIALSharlene Telles-Langdon
6thLASER RADIALTomas Green
7thLASEREvan Owen
8thLASER RADIALPatti Cohen
9thLASER RADIALKendra Penner
10thLASER RADIALRoger Redwin
11thLASER RADIALMatthew Sauer
12thLASER RADIALBrian Woods
13thLASER RADIALLiam McConnell
14thLASER RADIALWendy Sauer
15thLASER RADIALKatie Sauer
16thLASERGonzalo Agrimbau
17thLASER 4.7Penny Kelly
1stOptiKingsley Parkhill
2ndOptiCharlie Wilson
3rdOptiGavin Garabed
4thOptiBrynn McConnell
RankClassHelmNameCrew Name
1stTaserCharles FeaverCory Leblanc
2ndZestPeter MagnusAidan Lawton
3rdZestMadeline KrestanowichSydney Odowichuk
4thZestAaron KrestanowichCole Anseeuw
Optis starting
Optis starting
Kendra receiving medal
Kendra receiving medal
Matthew receiving medal
Matthew receiving medal
Charles receiving trophy
Charles receiving trophy