FYC Motor Boat Operation

We have two club motorboats; One 20 horse open boat, and one 70 horse boat with steering. They are both old, and therefore a bit tricky to operate. The club intends them to be used as rescue boats and to manage the races. The 20 horse has to be lowered into the water from its ramp, it is a 4 cycle engine (so no oil in the gas) and it is best used on days when the wind and the waves are not too big. The 70 horse is stored on the water, it is an older two cycle with electric start, that starts if you follow the right procedure. It is more stable, but it is tricky to maneuver in the channel.

You are required to have a valid Pleasure Craft Operator’s card to operate any motor boat on Falcon Lake

To keep these motors going, we have to operate them carefully and be rigorous about repair, docking and maintenance. You need to learn the peculiarities of these boats; how to start them, what kind of surprises to expect, and how to launch/store them. We would prefer that you not operate either boat until you have had the full briefing, even if you have lots of experience operating motorboats. Please ask Charles, the Race Director, to give you the briefing.